The Person You Spend The Most Time With

Is yourself. So make sure to be great company 🙂

Kind, Loving, Fun, Funny, Caring, Soft, Silly, Reflective.

Learn to love being alone. With things you enjoy. Things that give you peace. Joy, Pleasure. Clarity.

Time to be yourself, uninhibited, Time to think about you. What you are happy about. What makes you happy. Gratitude.

I think sometimes we spend so much time doing for people, and going through ‘to do’ lists. Not very consciously either. So we lose ourselves.

I think we have too much on our plates and most of it isn’t really worth it in the end. Book some real time for yourself the way you do for the “to do list”,

Since Covid and all the “at home” time, I’ve discovered? remembered? parts of myself that I really haven’t taken time for since just before my son was born. And maybe this is why my life really isn’t where I want it to be. I let my life go.

I love music. I love sitting outside or snuggly inside and letting my mind rest. Watching movies, jo, creating, discovering. Laughing or romantic. More with my heart than my mind. I love driving.I love singing, day dreaming, snuggly naps in the middle of a Sunday. I love good food. I love yapping with friends and people. But I like it one on one….or a small group of people I enjoy. I like fashion and decorating. I love puzzles and baking. (I still am not into the cooking thing though……and that’s ok.) I love writing but I’m out of practice in story telling. These are the things I used to do.

I’m also out of practice in friendships. Love and affection too. Intimacy. Caring. Ack. But I can’t think of anything more great to be working on. Really.

The thing I realize is this…..I need to be me and not feel guilty for it, or embarrassed. Be proud of what I am, and comfortable with that. And I will attract whoever I attract.

I went off on a lot of tangents here, but I think what ties it all together is this……people are the sum of their thoughts, aren’t they? Whatever sum it is you want for yourself, those are the thoughts you should give attention to and feed. If I want to be love, then I need to feed myself loving thoughts. For everything I come across.

Love the wonder of a sunset, the ability to work your way through a grocery store, a freshly clean fluffy towel, the flaws and beauty in yourself and others, the mundane, everything. You get my point. I get that work and obligations will side track this love stuff, but you do need to book time for yourself and some kind of happy place…..regularly. Start with a smile and work your way up from there. 🙂

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