Life, Liberty + The Persuit of Happiness

The US constitution must be among the few remarkable documents ever written. Life, Liberty and the persuit of happiness. Justice, with its checks and balances. And it’s worked since 1776. Why change this?

Why pack the courts? Why the anger, lies and censorship? I just can’t wrap my head around why people aren’t really researching facts for themselves? Why they sit there on one news station, with complete blinders on to any other information or views. Why so narrow minded? Why the hypocrisy? Why vote for one single issue, when life is so much more complex than just one issue?

Why is someone voting because of bedside manor? If the top doctor could save your child’s life but had a really shitty bedside manor……would you put their lives in anyone else’s hands? Trump has a shitty bedside manor, that is for sure……but he is fighting for America to not be so reliant on other countries. To be independent, to work in the background while you pursue your happiness.

Our children are headed for a sad future if the US becomes a nation of consumers and not producers. A nation of lawlessness and disrespect. Victims. I worry about the socialistic views due to ignorance and lack of research and the erasing of history.

And here’s the thing…….the things the dems are clinging to are things that are evolutionary. Just as people fought for women’s rights, black rights, gay marriage, anti-semitism…..and a host of other injustices and unfairness……..these things are being more and more of the norm of our lives. It wasn’t that long ago that my vote as a woman didn’t count at all, ya know?

The Dems are doing their best to separate rather than blend. And I am embarrassed for us as a country because of them. Mr Bad Bedside Manor, aka, Trump. I am grateful for him. Because he has really no other agenda aside from being remarkable and given some credit.

I give him credit, as do so many others and I pray that some day the unfairness in the way Trump has been treated will somehow turn to gratitude. I do think that despite his child like behavior, his strengths and heart have made my own life better in a lot of ways, I do not think i am alone.The Red Wave.

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