Joan: My Own Anna Wintour Moment

So today after I was royally blown off for the most ugly, selfish, obnoxious car in existence, I drove over to GSP to return and S H O P.

I forgot how much I enjoy it. I need to make it a single ‘once’ a month treat for myself.

Which brings me to Joan.

She was just so freaking striking. Anna Wintour striking. Tall, thin, Short page boy, brown with amazing golden bayalage. Smooth, delicate skin. Beautifully made up. Elegant Deep taupe couture trench coat, Fringy skinny jeans with these amazing python, pointy, sexy mules. Giant Hermesish bag. She seemed to out of place……The Loft, no less.

I was armed with my $200 budget and 40% sale. Collecting crap on hangers over my arm. Yoga outfit, Frizzed out hair. Though, I will say my body was deserving of some bonus points. I looked over at the rack next to me and there she was. She asked me if I’d seen any off shoulder tops to go with the wide legs pants she was holding. And it fell out of my mouth, no brain to mouth filter……” I love your sense of style”. And a bond was formed.

We shopped there together. Tried on together. She dragged me over to try on some fluffy eyelash sweater I would have never thought to have tried on. I am not 100% sure I would have bought it, but once I came out of the fitting room and told her “I will think of her every time I wear it”, not only did I know it was as good as mine, but that it would probably hold a place in my drawer for eternity. I’d like to think that made her day as much as it made mine. (Maybe I’m not so emotionally unavailable afterglow?)

We said “good-bye” a bunch of times and then kept finding another reason to connect again. Twice she came over to me in the fitting room to tell me she found something she thought I’d like. The final time was to take me to Zara for the perfect shoe for my new white eyelash sweater tank from Lou + Grey.

So while I’m trying on these python wedge sandals and holding the clear plastic $4o tote from Zaras she gives me her “website” address which was really an email address that was way to long to have gotten correctly. (I know this because I tried emailing her several times only to get “could not deliver” return emails on all of them.) It hit me that Joan was even more amazing…..I am in awe of a woman who is 68 years old.

Investigative side of me kicked in a little, I’ll admit. She lives in Ringwood, has a 37 year old married son that lives right near her. Most amazingly, we share birthdays. 9/8.

I wish I could have kept in with you, Joan and I tried!!!!! It was really fun spending that hour with you! Thanks for making my weekend!

Much love and happiness to you xoxoxo

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