If It Doesn’t Bring You Joy

Okay,,,,,that Gucci inspired IPhone look. LOVE it. Def brings me joy. I’ll have to get my hubby’s phone and post the pics here!

I also have to add that Cornbread recipe too!!

Anyway, a good friend once told me that her therapy “If it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t keep it.”

So okay, I can’t get rid of my wrinkles or cellulite. No joy there 🙂

But the flip side of that idea is “find things that bring you joy.” And “If it brings you joy, spend more time with it”.

So doing this brings me joy. Writing, chilling, something good to watch and peacefulness.

Covid and this political, divided, mean era has really sucked. It’s so easy to slide into fear or anxiety or stress or anger. BUT for me, it has gotten me to slow down a lot. It’s been a relatively stress-less time for me too. So I’m lucky this way and I’m grateful for this.

Slowing down has given me the chance to spend time doing the things that bring me joy more often. For me it’s the ability to punch out of obligations and do more ‘me’ things. Like tonight, sitting outside with a blanket and my pup. Golfing has been great. Intimate dinners or brunches with friends.

And I’m learning to take advantage of this anytime I can because this Covid thing makes life so unpredictable now.

Anyway, my point here is…….make sure to spend some time in joy in what ever ways you can.

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