I Got Coal

Duraflame is the new coal

Ha! I did. Modern coal…..Duraflames. An entire case of it from my son. He knows me 🙂 Best, worst gift ever <3

Things I know about me too now:

I need my Grounding things. A hot bath; a night of peace on one of my patios. My time with me.

I need to be real with myself about my emotions; I don’t need validation of them from a person or research. I don’t need things to numb them. I need to feel them. Honor them. And move through them with grace and peace.

I need to have boundaries and not let outside pressure weaken them.

Love: I need this…but it starts with me first. Others will follow or they won’t.

I need to just BE. And not spend so much time in my head.

Change: it’s not something to fear. I was afraid of the change in my life with my son heading off to college. But I’ve enjoyed the change. The freedom. The opportunities. The new relationships…most importantly the one with myself.


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