Keep meaning to write, but I’ve been pretty focused on golf, and SEO work.

A few things have made me think though…….

A friend said today she made a bunch of changes in her life. Cleaned up her health, for one. And cleaned house on some people that really didn’t make her happy.

I think to myself, what works for me? Makes me happy?

For one, golf. For two, working on my business. Made by me. Grown by me. And something to really be proud of. I love working on it. Almost every single aspect of it (Def except for finance. I need to take charge of this, asap.)

What about the people in my life that bring out the best in me? The people who you can let your walls down with and just be? I’m lacking there. Greatly.

Maybe that’s my own fault? Maybe it’s because I don’t even let my walls be down when it’s just me, alone? It’s food for thought, for sure.

So what can I do to change this? I think it’s about being less in my head. I think it’s about taking risks, emotionally. I think it’s about being more conscious.

I think that’s a start.

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