Day I-Have-No-F’n-Clue of Lockdown

OMG. lol. Seriously are we just in a really insane dream. Am I really in a coma somewhere and imagining all of this?

The Virus. Now the the Riots. And in between there was the broken water heater, the deer that had babies in my back yard. Tiger King. 10923 or so puzzles, The “let’s get drunk at home” phase. The baking phase. We are currently in the gardening phase. There was the tiktok (however you spell it.) phase. The drive by celebration (and sadly a drive by funeral too). The long walks. The cleaning phase. The I’m sick of cooking phase. The mac and cheese/ramen noodle phase. The netflix/prime/hulu phase. A FOX News phase. A brief stint with reading. (I should really get past the 3rd chapter tonight.)

The one constant I am loving though, is the peace I am getting at night and on weekends.

77 Days, BTW

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