Day 46


Well what can I say? I sure do/did love my snow days…….but this has been a 6 week + long snow day and quite frankly I am over MANY parts of the snow day thing. 🙂

Like I could do without all the togetherness. I would have liked a longer semester of AWAY at school instead of home.

The sound of my husband chewing, is starting to get to me. I’m over having to cook. hmmm. I think this is the shortest bitch list I’ve had in awhile. Ha!

But I am loving a lot of it.

The laid back speed. The simplicity. The desserts!! The creative time. The connection with friends and family. Puzzles and watching some really great shows. The rested feeling. Some clarity and peace.

I’m not going to bore you with philosophy or theology except to say, the bigger picture here, if you are lucky is to come out of this with gratitude, appreciation and a better connection with your soul and spirit.

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