Dunno. I just feel in a really great place right now. I’m not sure what it’s about. I feel so………….authentic. I feel so filled with love right now. I love what’s in my life. I love the honesty and peace I feel. I feel more like myself than I have in years. I appreciate me.

I love my son. He’s turning into this very amazing man. I am so deeply proud of him. Deeply. I don’t know what I did to deserve him. I feel so blessed.

I think of a friend right now. I don’t understand him. One the one hand I feel so………sad for him. Like I want to take care of him and show him the light. On the other hand, I resent him for his dishonesty. I feel like he’s missing out on so much. On the one hand, I’d like if I just didn’t have to deal with him. On the other, I feel like I can’t help myself. And maybe I’m just to….judging? Maybe my error is in TRYING to get him to see the light, instead of just being the light myself. Inspiring him. Others.

I think of a girlfriend who’s H cheated and divorced her. I think of how stuck she is in complaining (just as I do in my own life….but def not to the same extent.) I said to her tonight: The thing about complaining is that you get stuck in being a victim. Every complaint keeps you being a victim. What I want to say to her (and to myself) is that at some point, you have to let go of the complaining. Stop being the victim. Set your boundaries and stick to them.

I’m watching Queen for the 7th time (seriously). Honesty is what I feel when I watch it. Compassion is what I feel. Love is what I feel. Appreciation.

Life is really a wonderful thing. It’s a gift unto itself. Live it to its fullest. With authenticity.

Amelia Earhart. True to herself. To the end.

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