80 Years Loved

My dad turned 80 a few weeks ago. Tonight Mom arranged a dinner party for about 30 people. I feel badly that it was kind of a dead party. Shouldn’t have been that way.

Anyway, what can I say? Time is flying by me. Flying by all of us.

Makes me see that love and life is too precious to be wasting on things that really DO NOT MATTER. All we have is right now and if someone or something is causing you to lose any of these seconds, skip it. Skip them.

I have to stop being so hard on people. I need to accept them for who they are. I am not perfect…..who the f do I think I am anyway?  Everyone is doing the best they can, their level of awareness and their own baggage.

Come from Love. That’s it. Sums up all that really matters in the end.


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