Psychopath Free

If you have not read Psychopath Free, and this blog is something you can relate to…then you simply must read it.  You must.

This book has helped me take all of the bits and pieces of awareness as well as the feelings I have had within myself…..and put some kind of order to it. It’s the perfect combination of validation and self awareness.

I realize something tonight. The person that met him was someone that held a lot of love…just waiting to be given. I was successful and humble. I was giving and happy and softly strong. I was communicative and open.  ::smile::

what would I say to him now?

I would say I no longer trust you in anyway. I see you for all of your ugliness.

This week may have been easier for me because he has hoovered every single day of it. And because I was a lil social butterfly. I also have Nashville to look forward to next week and then I am sure he will be back to Florida shortly after my return.  Dayle also tossed me a few more stories and validations of the side to him I don’t get to know about. Love how kind the universe is being to me. Love how the universe has laid this all out ::smile:: again.

Sitting out in the rain tonight. Jack is at a Yankees game. Time to relax :;smile:: one more time!

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