Seventeen: The Cloud I’ve Been Living Under

Today really couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  Like seriously.

I did exactly what I felt like doing at the exact time I felt like doing it at. In peace both literally and figuratively.

‘Woke up and lingered in bed. Went for a haircut somewhere new. Shopped a bit by myself and with Cathy.  Came home and napped on the sofa instead of my dreary and stuffy bedroom.  Changed into a giant t and shorts (I looked cute, I might add.) and went to the driving range, headphones in hand. Took a nice long drive fueled by a cold Starbucks WITH whipped cream and a young guy who gave me a two thumbs up for my awesome topless…124 spider.  Tucked that baby in with a nice car wash in my driveway, tossed a load of laundry in.  Yapped on the phone with Jack for a bit.  Connected with some pals via text. Played with some painting apps. And here I am.

It is 9;18 and the day has flown.  I have spent it enjoying me. Appreciating what I have. Appreciating those in my life. Letting myself shine through the cloud I’ve been living under. Soft me. Loving me. Appreciative me.

I don’t have to carry all of that bad stuff around.  It’s my choice. It always was. It wasn’t today though. I don’t have to  hold it all in either, I can write it and let go of it all too. That’s why you are reading this to begin with.

It’s important to let go and be……you. Without someone else’s noise in your head. Without your self inflicted noise in your head.  Pick up a wonderful novel made up with wonderful characters. Put some music on. Paint, knit, garden….or take one up and challenge yourself.  Get lost in something. Make this a daily thing for yourself…..even if it’s for only half an hour.

You will begin to see yourself shine through from under the cloud. You will feel your shoulders relax. You will begin to see the healthiest relationship you can ever have is the one that you  have with yourself. You can not fix anyone but yourself.


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